22-year-mature renowned actress chanced on unimaginative in a mysterious manner! Husband taken into custody

Sahana, a younger model and minute-time actor from Kerala’s Kozhikode became as soon as chanced on unimaginative on Thursday which is on her birthday night and her husband Sajjad has been taken into custody after the police bought the info about the actress’s death below mysterious cases.

Sahana became as soon as chanced on striking on the window railing at her home in Parambil Bazar, positioned 14 km from Kozhikode city. The mysterious cases surrounding the younger model’s death has raised suspicion.

“Shahana contacted us on Thursday evening. It became as soon as her 20th birthday. She told me that she’s going to attain to her home to rejoice her birthday. She became as soon as very chuffed. I compose now not mediate she committed suicide,” Shahana’s mom, Uveyma said.

“My daughter would by no formula die by suicide, she became as soon as murdered. She outmoded to bitch to me that her husband became as soon as beating her, and now not smartly feeding her. She became as soon as tortured. She became as soon as murdered. The police must compare and offers justice to my daughter”, she added.

Uveyma alleged that Shahana became as soon as murdered by her husband Sajjad. She claimed that Sajjad had threatened to fracture Shahana if she refused to give up the cheque she had bought for an advertisement. Shahana had married Kozhikode native Sajjad a year and a half of previously. Sajjad became as soon as working in Qatar when the couple tied the knot.

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