Annual Collectors Edition: The Okay-Tune Spotlight Whisper

That comprises Kang Daniel, Sunmi, (G)I-DLE, Bang Yongguk, Dreamcatcher, P1Harmony, BIBI and more, this sigh is the first of its form within the arena

(Clockwise from left) Dreamcatcher, Kang Daniel, (G)I-DLE, P1Harmony, BIBI, Sunmi and Bang Yongguk. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

This Might well unprejudiced, Rolling Stone India is proud to display cloak The Okay-Tune Spotlight Whisper. We’re dedicating the whole month to the Korean music industry and its various sides by picking some improbable artists who are pioneers of their fields to be our duvet stars. With a total of seven covers (one major and 6 digital), every musician will picture a obvious pillar of the industry and their atypical opt on the topic. This has by no diagram been completed sooner than and the sigh is the first of its form within the arena.

Curated by our Assistant Editor Riddhi Chakraborty, Senior Creator Debashree Dutta, Workers Creator Divyansha Dongre and Digital Strategist Oysmita Majumder, the Might well unprejudiced 2022 sigh will characteristic a huge roster of Korean musicians, together with those outside the sphere of Okay-pop. According to Rolling Stone India, the six pillars that are most integral to the Korean music experience embody Notion, Performance, Manufacturing, Vogue, Hip-Hop/R&B and Rock, and we did our finest to elevate you perspectives on every class from the artists themselves.

One artist, an all-rounder, will grace the major duvet whereas six more artists will every receive a digital duvet and pages within the broadcast sigh. The Okay-Tune Spotlight Whisper furthermore functions interviews with various other artists in every share and discussions about their boost and contribution within their respective fields. Moreover to musicians, we spoke to the folk within the abet of-the-scenes, the folk who constructed the bones of the industry– producers, songwriters, stylists, make-up artists and choreographers. We furthermore took a deep dive into the commercial facet of things to larger tag the roles of publicists, tournament companies, concert manufacturing, A&R and marketing, bringing the total preference of names taking half in this mission to over 30.

After months of discussions, Rolling Stone India chose South Korean sensation Kang Daniel as our Might well unprejudiced 2022 duvet star. Moreover to being the CEO of his personal company, Kang is a songwriter, actor, dancer, singer and rapper, making him a varied and highly efficient artist who completely represents the Korean music industry’s force, dedication, emotion, and a focus to detail. The Okay-Tune Spotlight Whisper was designed around Kang and the core values he believes in as an artist.

Main our Vogue segment is South Korean pop icon Sunmi. She’s neatly-known for her atypical style sense and retro pop music, taking over the roll of producer, singer-songwriter and vocalist within her work. Her impress of artistry is identified as ‘Sunmi-pop’ since she most ceaselessly experiments with disco, funk, Eighties synth pop and electro-pop. Vogue performs a key role in all of Sunmi’s music video ideas as she makes expend of styling, make-up and dresses to depict otherworldly imagery and symbolism.

Bang Yongguk is our Manufacturing duvet star. Formerly the chief of pioneering boy community B.A.P, Bang is a rapper, singer-songwriter and producer. He’s identified for upright lyricism, deep baritone instruct and fierce hip-hop persona. He most ceaselessly writes and produces music for other Korean artists and is a filmmaker, directing his personal music videos and creating documentaries. He’s revered as one in all the first artists in Okay-pop to fight for the staunch to manufacture his personal music.

No person fuses Rock and metal in Okay-pop larger than Dreamcatcher. Silent of individuals JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon, the septet maintain constantly reinvented their artistry by the flexibility of rock. While the industry could per chance even maintain correct acknowledged the renaissance of the style, Dreamcatcher had made the style their signature sound almost half a decade abet, making them the face of rock in Okay-pop.

P1Harmony leads the Performance share of the sigh. Silent of Jongseob, Theo, Soul, Jiung, Intak, and Keeho, the Fourth Technology boy band are quick ascending the steps to world pop dominance. Famend for his or her highly efficient stages and choreographed routines, the community roots their discography in pop, hip-hop and R&B to allege tales of perseverance, teamwork, and self belief.

For our Notion duvet, we grew to turn into to (G)I-DLE. Comprising Soyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, Miyeon and Shuhua, they’re one in all the main lady groups within the Fourth Technology of Okay-pop and are identified for his or her eclectic artistry. Their stage presence is terribly highly efficient and they also constantly challenge themselves by experimenting with recent genres, ideas and dwell performances. The quintet are furthermore angry about their personal manufacturing and songwriting with chief Soyeon keeping credit ranking on almost every single music.

Final but completely now not least, BIBI will picture the Hip-Hop and R&B facet of the industry. Even though she correct debuted in 2019, BIBI is one in all the strongest names in Korean R&B after she caught the arena’s attention on fable of of her different style and dauntless perspective. She stands out on fable of of her dark lyricism and experimental music videos, unafraid to delve into matters love psychological health, toxic relationships and individuality.

Just a few of the other artists who will be featured within the sigh embody: singer-songwriter and producer BamBam, singer-songwriter and producer Suran, rapper and producer Ravi of VIXX, singer-songwriter Holland, different band Glen Check, rapper, songwriter and producer Attain Hanse of Victon, rock band Rolling Quartz, singer-songwriter and producer Junny and powerful of, many more.

Join us, as over the month of Might well unprejudiced, we display cloak in-depth conversations with every artist, web page-atypical interviews, atypical photo and video boom, livestreams and more.

Rolling Stone India Annual Collectors Edition: The Okay-Tune Spotlight Whisper will be on hand for fetch in both digital and physical manufacture. Judge this put of living for more records.

Masks tales and curation by Riddhi Chakraborty, Divyansha Dongre, Debashree Dutta and Oysmita Majumder. Promotional art work by Palak Joshi.

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