Archery World Cup Stage 2: Indian Ladies folks’s Crew Wins Recurve Bronze

Archery World Cup Stage 2: Indian Womens Team Wins Recurve Bronze

Archery World Cup: Indian girls folks team won a team bronze within the recurve half.© Twitter

Indian girls folks archers won a team bronze within the recurve half to preserve their medal’s tally to three at the World Cup Stage 2 here on Thursday. On a day when Indian males made a quarterfinal exit going all the manner down to lower-ranked France, the younger trio of Ridhi Phor, Komalika Bari and Ankita Bhakat defeated Chinese Taipei 6-2 (56-52, 54-51, 54-55, 55-54) in a one-sided bronze medal play-off encounter.

Exhibiting a consistent narrate, the trio drilled in three excellent 10s and eight 9s from the main 12 arrows to cruise to a 4-0 lead.

Two arrows (8-8) within the inner crimson circle price them the third feature however they bounced benefit strongly within the fourth to wrap the peril with one X and 5 9s.

The Indian girls folks’s team had to fight for a bronze after they lost out to its nemesis and house favourites Korea 2-6 (53-55, 57-55, 51-53, 43-53) within the semi-remaining.

It wasn’t as if the head-seeded team shot some mountainous scores however the Indian girls folks choked below rigidity. They were at their inconsistent most attention-grabbing and handiest time they could presumably also up their game used to be within the 2d feature the build they had a spectacular narrate of 4 10s including one X and one 9.

Nevertheless within the fourth feature, they misfired an arrow, while one other shot within the crimson-ring (7) snuffed out any probability of a fight, even as the well-known Koreans totalled an frequent 53.

Earlier a brand fresh belief males’s team which had the skilled duo of Tarundeep Rai and Jayanta Talukdar alongside with debutant Neeraj Chauhan capped a disastrous day commute to lose out to their 15th-seeded France 2-6 (54-57, 55-52, 53-55, 47-53).


The seventh-seeded males’s team had two 8s within the main feature and place up an improved narrate to discover the 2d however they slipped again and were eradicated with a fright narrate within the fourth feature the build they shot twice within the crimson rings (8-7) and as soon as within the blue-ring (6).

On Wednesday, the males’s compound team stormed into the remaining to speak no less than a silver, while the girls folks’s team won a bronze to launch their account.

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