Bae Suzy as ‘Yumi’ within the Coupang Play Real ‘Anna’

‘Yumi’, who suffers from Ripley’s Syndrome in ‘Anna’, can also remind you of ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’

Bae Suzy in a light from ‘Anna’: Characterize courtesy of Coupang Play

It all begins with a lie. A minor one, but person who therefore adjustments ‘Yumi’s life with out a shatter in sight. Talking of Coupang Play’s upcoming popular assortment Anna, a thriller helmed by Lee Jooyoung and starring none varied than South Korean sensation Bae Suzy as its centerpiece. The actress will describe ‘Yumi,’ a girl with Ripley’s Syndrome whose life is build on the line after she lies and ends up living but every other person’s life.

The solid also contains Kim Joonhan as ‘Ji Hun’: Yumi’s husband, an ambitious man. Yumi’s easiest confidante is ‘Ji Won’ (Park Yeyoung), her friend, and Yumi shares a uncommon equation with the affluent, excessive-nosed snob ‘Hyun Joo’ (Jung Eunchae). Their chemistry can also very smartly be the reason of refined stress within the yarn.

Characterize: Courtesy of HanCinema

This sounds interesting, but at the same time, it jogs my memory more of The Talented Mr. Ripley, an American psychological thriller by which ‘Tom Ripley’ (Matt Damon) goes to Italy to persuade the very rich ‘Dickie Greenleaf’ (Jude Regulations) to come to The USA. He, on the more than a few hand, becomes hooked in to Dickie’s lavish daily life and goes to outrageous lengths to impersonate him.

Ripley’s Syndrome, a psychological illness marked by an absence of compassion, temper swings, believing one’s lies, selfishness, and varied indicators, modified into named after Tom Ripley’s persona as a result of his immense recognition. I dispute in Anna, Yumi can also feature some identical characteristics to Tom.

In my concept, Anna is unlit, suspenseful, and can also simply blueprint a melancholic temper as it revolves around a girl who has lost her identity and lives a life that isn’t hers. Is it thanks to despair? deprivation? inferiority complex? Or is it thanks to the frustrations as a result of unfulfilled dreams? As of now, no person is aware of. But what’s obvious is that Suzy in Yumi’s footwear will be a deal with to look.

This can also very smartly be undoubtedly one of many most sharp roles for the launch-up actress, but I’m definite she’s going to nail it on screen as repeatedly, to claim the least. Anna is a miniseries of no doubt eight episodes and is scheduled to premiere on Coupang Play this year.

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