Beyond The Multiverse: Will Marvel Studios Reboot The MCU In Fragment 5?

Marvel’s Fragment 4 is now officially halfway thru its roster of motion photographs with Physician Extraordinary in the Multiverse of Madness(MoM), which after its first weekend, has already grossed over $132 million worldwide.

With an excellent deal of inspiration from humorous e book runs, particularly the Rental of M, The Unusual Avengers: Illuminati, and Upward push of the Darkhold storylines, we are succesful of form a pretty professional wager about where the MCU will disappear, as soon as Fragment 4 comes to an quit in circa 2023.

With portion 4 pumping out motion photographs roughly 2.4 times faster than portion 1, it appears to be like Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige is sharp in opposition to the following Endgame match – and after looking out at the comics, we mediate it loyal would possibly perhaps moreover very effectively be a diminutive more eternal than what we saw aid in 2019.

What’s Next for Wanda?

Wanda Maximoff

Prior to we dive extra into the likely events of Fragment 5, let’s take a nearer explore at what the MCU’s latest film has established.

Let’s originate with Wanda Maximoff. After having fun along with her time with the Darkhold, killing a bunch of alternative folks, and nearly shattering truth, she (create of) redeems herself by it sounds as if sacrificing her life to assassinate each and each universe’s replica of the Darkhold. Now that’s one manner to ban a e book! 

Happily for Wanda fans, the MCU is now not any stranger to resurrecting its characters, and the ‘pulse’ of energy that radiates from Wanda’s crumbling spoiled tower at the quit of MoM would possibly perhaps moreover ascertain that she’s either survived or teleported to safety; she is effectively the strongest Avenger as far as sheer energy goes, despite the full lot. We also know that Elizabeth Olsen has about a years left to transfer along with her Marvel contract, making a return nearly 100 percent sure.

WandaVision and Multiverse of Madness attain a loose adaptation of The Rental of M humorous series, where Wanda reshapes the Earth in listing to recreate her lost young other folks. This naturally leaves her with an improbable amount of guilt – it’s urged that as she sacrifices herself at the quit of MoM, Wanda also wipes orderly her memory – a trauma coping mechanism that stands perfectly basically basically based on her incapacity to manage with completely different tragedies she experiences in the MCU alone.

House of M Issue 1

It’s here that we discover a manner to redeem her latest evildoing – whereas concurrently tying into the quit of WandaVision’s first season. Imaginative and prescient — who is now rocking a pretty cool blue-white paintjob — has now been reconstructed with his memories rebuilt, flying off into the sky right thru the season’s final episode.


While it isn’t sure as to what he’s up to, probability is that Imaginative and prescient has either spent time in solitude to job his thoughts, or be aware relieve at Wakanda’s labs, now that Tony Stark is stupid. This manner that in the upcoming Wakanda Forever film, we would possibly see Imaginative and prescient grapple with complex existential questions (as he in general does – the person now has memories of two deaths on his powerful drives), whereas doubtless discovering a manner to locate and relieve bring Wanda aid on her feet. 

It’s an comely and touching manner to cap off WandaVision Season 2, as two broken heroes safe a manner to rebuild and safe new which manner of their lives.

Issues Fetch Stranger

Doctor Strange

Let’s also take a 2nd to contend with the right vital personality of this film — Physician Extraordinary himself.

Extraordinary undergoes a pretty gratifying arc between his first and 2nd mainline motion photographs – we’re introduced to him as an smug, self-obsessed Grey’s Anatomy caricature, and see him now accepting his space on this planet as a protector of the innocent, subordinate to Wong, and even see him lastly transfer previous Christine Palmer.

Which brings us to a sure flaxen-haired personality named Clea, performed by Charlize Theron. Within the comics, Clea is a multiversal traveler from the Sad Dimension – the niece of Dormammu, the villain of Extraordinary’s first film. She’s also Extraordinary’s ‘appropriate’ like curiosity in the comics, and turns into his lover, wife, and in some storylines, succeeds him because the Sorcerer Supreme. It’s neat that we lastly acquire to investigate cross-take a look at some romance likely in the MCU yet any other time – doubtless one thing a diminutive much less tragic than Wanda and Imaginative and prescient would be refreshing.

The ending scene of Clea within reason straightforward. She corners Extraordinary and his uncanny third explore, imploring him to relieve out with an incursion – more on that below.

Even More Madness

Marvel Incursion

One in every of the glorious Marvel ideas introduced in this portion issues ‘Incursions’ – originally explained by the Illuminati.

In accordance to the lately butchered superhero team, Incursions are the collision of two separate universes which lead to one (or each and each) of these realities being destroyed. While the actual mechanics of how this happens are left to the viewers’s imaginations, we investigate cross-take a look at a world present process an Incursion in opposition to the film’s quit — where Extraordinary encounters a more… unhealthy version of himself.

As incursions spread all the draw in which thru the multiverse, we’ll presumably be seeing several more of these scenarios as various realities originate up to defend and invade others in listing to abet themselves – bringing us to the events of 2015’s Secret Wars and 2010’s Avengers: The Kids’s Crusade.

 Incursion Comics

As teased in Loki, we be taught that the final destiny of a timeline-fractured multiverse is to be destroyed – one thing that Wanda and Dr. Doom, who’re each and each enthusiasts in the Crusade humorous storyline — work to analyze and forestall. With us already glimpsing Reed Richards in Multiverse of Madness and a Improbable Four film already in the works, we’ll presumably see Dr. Doom existing up at some level sooner than portion 4 ends.

Within the comics, Dr. Doom makes an strive to realise incursions and identify the personality of the multiverse – eventually allowing him to salvage a ‘pocket dimension’ of kinds, stitching together the remnants of Earth 616 and other universes simply sooner than total annihilation. Unfortunately, whereas Doom saves grand of the world, he also turns into one thing of a God-Emperor in this new truth – which he unimaginatively names ‘Battleworld’. While the comics let Doom procure this energy from an extra-multiverse bustle known as ‘The Beyonders’, it’s likely that he makes use of or groups up with Wanda’s power to construct Earth 616 from the incursion.

Stuffed with weird and wonderful and wacky factions that stitch together several suggestions all the draw in which thru the Marvel universe, Battleworld is probably going to be the most unearthly Marvel possibility yet teased – complete with a police force utterly unruffled of Thors, a ‘Sheriff Extraordinary’ personality, Reed Richards literally devolving into an ape, and loads more queer combinations of the Marvel system. 

The match itself is notoriously advanced. So here’s a surely, very simplified version of the final combat:

Within the quit, Shadowy Panther battles with Physician Doom armed with an Infinity Gauntlet, backed by Reed Richards and a classic Improbable Four villain-grew to alter into-hero named Molecule Man. By having fun with a bait-and-swap, the team manages to acquire the greater of Doom, as Richards inherits the Beyonders’ energy and makes use of it to restart truth from beyond the multiverse with his family, whereas T’Challa makes use of the Truth Stone to recreate a brand new world. 

Reed Richards and his family disappear away the new Earth Top alone, crafting each and each cosmos one after the other whereas exploring them as aloof guardians and researchers.

…What Occurs After Fragment 5?

If you haven’t caught on yet, the of 2015’s Secret Wars is in actuality a chubby reboot of your complete Marvel Comics multiverse. 

Molecule Man helps Miles Morales safely form it to Earth Top where he fights crime alongside Peter Parker. The Wakandans take to position, forging Earth’s first starfaring empire. Dr. Doom turns loyal into a factual man – even changing into Iron Man for a whereas.

While there’s several points of very legit criticism in opposition to the instructions taken by the humorous e book writers after Secret Wars, we effect no longer need any clue of what Marvel Studios would possibly salvage to enact. Some hope for a basically unified MCU with X-Men, Spider-Man, and The Improbable Four (beforehand Sony properties) incorporated simply from the acquire-disappear. 

This would possibly perhaps moreover moreover allow for a chubby-scale recasting of all Marvel characters, giving us new faces for worn names. We would possibly perhaps even see a huge commerce in age targets for the motion photographs, with more grownup issues taking up center stage for a brand new space of personality origin tales.

While Kevin Feige himself has dejected the premise of a chubby-scale reboot, it’s absolutely a thrilling possibility to take into memoir. With a complete wealth of multiversal-franchise-constructing knowledge in the bank, we would possibly perhaps moreover be ready to see an even-greater MCU in the long plod. 

Devoted form Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. canon this time. Thanks.

(Featured Image Credit ranking: Marvel Studios)

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