Gross! Younger TV actress Pallavi who lived with boyfriend came upon slow

The tv replace has been in depression due to this of the deaths of actress Sahana on Thursday who changed into came upon hanging and her husband Sajjad taken into custody. Now comes yet every other shock as younger actress Pallavi Dey changed into additionally came upon hanging from her bed room ceiling fan at her flat in Garfa, Kolkata on Sunday.

Pallavi Dey changed into a household identify after starring in the Bengali serials ‘Resham Jhanpi’, ‘Ami Sirajer Begum’ and ‘Mon Mane Na’. Her costar Anamitra Batabyal in the final mentioned ticket acknowledged “I’m in thunder shock. We shot for the tv ticket on Also can 12 and later had a chat with her. I composed can’t judge the news,”

Pallavi Dey changed into dating Sagnik Chakraborty with whom she had a reside in relationship. Whereas police appreciate pulled him in for questioning the actress’s folk gave a neat chit to him. They acknowledged that the couple lived moderately happily and although as folk wished them to accumulate married. Police are investigating the rationalization why the younger Pallavi took the intense resolution or whether there’s any irascible play eager.

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