Hear Kolkata Artists Archiesman Kundu, MC Headshot and Rawhit Dominate on ‘Tenduaz’ EP

Resolute lyrics in English and Hindi nearly the forefront across four drill and entice tracks

Anurag Tagat
Apr 26, 2022

Kolkata hip-hop artist Archiesman Kundu. Photo: Rahul Saha & Jasprit Singh

In a span of 9 minutes and four tracks, Kolkata rappers Archiesman Kundu and Tamojit Chatterjee aka MC Headshot, alongside with producer Rohit Dey aka Rawhit enjoy down with a dizzying quantity of bars on their novel EP Tenduaz.

Released final month, it builds upon the continued collaborative scramble between Kundu and Rawhit, who had been working together since 2020. Rawhit says, “We know each and each a range of very effectively. Our work strategy and vibe, and tons others [matches]. Right here’s my first project with MC Headshot. We pushed each and each a range of to entire this high-notch EP with work, energy and positivity.” The producer moreover says that Tenduaz is an outcome of “perception, admire, action and positivity.” Kundu adds about bringing in a third collaborator, “Headshot and I, now we own got known each and each a range of since 2018. We had been free-styling together at Sunday cyphers.”

Whereas “Flex 100” is all about narrating the reports within the wait on of their upward thrust, the title song sees Kundu and Headshot commerce their measures of success and the procedure in which it’s modified them. The closing song “G-Shit” wanders real into a club-friendly beat and lyrical pronounce, as the rap becomes extra about securing the future by manner of cash as effectively as peace of mind. The music video for “G-Shit,” directed by Jasprit Panesar, sees the duo skedaddle via the backroads of Kolkata with a hypnotic green tint filtered over the night.

Kundu says there are a range of extra tracks with Rawhit within the works. “Now we own the absolute best song for the Kolkata underground hip-hop scene known as ‘Kolkatar Chele’ with [local rappers] Cizzy and Ron-e. There’s moreover an EP coming to utter the sound of Kolkata alongside with a range of metropolis rappers. [There are also a] lot of functions coming,” he adds.

Think the video for “G-Shit” and “Flex 100” under.

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