Hear Sanjna Banik’s Piano-Aided Fresh Single ‘Here I Inch’

David Britto
Mar 29, 2022

Puducherry-bred singer-songwriter Sanjna Banik. Checklist: Courtesy of the artist

Puducherry-bred singer-songwriter Sanjna Banik no longer too prolonged ago released her most contemporary track, the emotional “Here I Inch.” On this interview with Rolling Stone India, the artist talks to us about her tear as a musician, the unusual track, what she has within the works and more. Read excerpts:

When did you open writing songs?

I started writing songs when I modified into once about 14 years broken-down. Within the muse, it modified into once pleasing writing poetry, after which slowly that grew to turn into into writing songs. It immediate grew to turn into basically the most attention-grabbing device I’d categorical issues I’d in every other case beneath no conditions be ready to affirm. 

What can you converse me us your beforehand released cloth?

‘If I Could Fly’ and ‘Finest Day’ were both written whereas I modified into once restful a student. I wrote ‘Finest Day’ within the yr I modified into once graduating when all of a unexpected all people grew to turn into very nostalgic about their childhood and the draw they’d scoot on the beach and originate sandcastles and not using a concern on the planet. The track speaks of reminiscence and of longing. ‘22 But again’ modified into once a track I wrote for a gig that I did in Bangalore on Mother’s Day lend a hand in 2019. This one’s about my mother who’s the strongest woman I know. 

What can you converse us about your unusual track “Here I Inch”?

‘Here I Inch’ modified into once inspired by someone I lost lend a hand in 2018. I’d discuss to this particular person on every single day basis and it would amaze me how, despite being so sick and in concern, they repeatedly had a smile on their face. 

 The theme of the track is, surely, accepting that lifestyles is fickle and issues generally don’t gallop as planned, and that’s okay. Folks near and gallop, as does esteem, and nothing is sure or promised. It hurts to ogle someone tumble out of esteem with you and generally bright on could simply even be painful. But what’s main is to develop basically the most attention-grabbing of what we personal within the present and be grateful and happy that it’s ours for nonetheless prolonged or short the length of its close after which let gallop when the time comes. Within the extinguish all we are in a position to ever be within the lives of those we esteem and of us who esteem us are recollections. Proper or inappropriate recollections, that’s for us to allege. 

 I wanted this track to converse a story by draw of no longer finest the lyrics nonetheless also the instrumental parts of it, to catch emotions by draw of the swells and pauses as successfully as the words, where the piano and the strings are concern together fantastically yet suppose their particular person tales when you listen shut enough.  

What modified into once the recording job for “Here I Inch” relish?

This track modified into once so attention-grabbing and so considerable enjoyable to work on. I collaborated with varied of us on this track and it wouldn’t personal been the identical without them. It modified into once blended and mastered by Ishit Kuberkar at SoundPotion Studio, and modified into once arranged and produced by Jerry Silvester Vincent. The piano for the track modified into once serene by Mrityunjay Sathyanarayanan and modified into once performed by Jerry Silvester Vincent.  

What’s subsequent for you?

As a singer-songwriter, I am repeatedly making an try to join with of us by draw of my track. I am quickly bright to Melbourne for work and I am hoping to net lend a hand into performing. I personal about a songs in store that I gaze ahead to releasing within the arrival years. Maybe even develop an album. We’ll believe how it goes. 

Hear “Here I Inch” beneath:

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