Hiring Legal professionals On Twitter Amid Burning Teslas and Harassment Claims; What Used to be Elon Musk Pondering?

When you’re a hotshot lawyer itching to work beneath the world’s wealthiest man, he has set out a requirement that you perfect might maybe maybe moreover very effectively be in a job to meet:

My commitment:

– We might maybe maybe not ever peek victory in a decent case against us, even supposing we can doubtlessly clutch.

– We might maybe maybe not ever give up/decide an unjust case against us, even supposing we can doubtlessly lose.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Could moreover 20, 2022

The unconventional (and in all chance determined) job listing went up amid allegations of Musk sexually harassing a SpaceX flight attendance and paying her $250,000 for her silence, perfect sooner than reports Tesla autos spontaneously bursting into flames surfaced. Elon Musk has vehemently contested the harassment claims, going on to repeat that he modified into procuring for ‘streetfighters’ — attorneys prepared to salvage on the offensive and stable perfect victories for Tesla.

Looking out to fetch hardcore streetfighters, not white-shoe attorneys love Perkins or Cooley who thrive on corruption.

There will be blood.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Could moreover 20, 2022

Whereas Twitter’s new adoptive daddy appears to be like to had been assured about this posting, several replies to these posts — which number in the a entire bunch of hundreds— determined to make a choice the listing as unseriously as that which you might maybe moreover deem.

Here’s one three-pointer as requested by Elon Musk, from an Arizona law graduate (and beer fanatic):

1. In July 2017, I drank 69 beers in a single day

2. I in fact own encyclopedic knowledge of Arizona dive bars

3. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from a Tier 1 law school

These are ranked in repeat of significance.

— Clue Heywood (@ClueHeywood) Could moreover 20, 2022

Others pointed out Elon’s hypocrisy, especially brooding in regards to the nature of litigation work and his free speech claims declaring that the CEO would be in for a low awakening sometime soon:

tl/dr: Elon is in prefer of free speech, but he shall be in prefer of suing you if he doesn’t love what you yell.

— Grady Booch (@Grady_Booch) Could moreover 20, 2022


Search on the case law and proof you’ve built against your self by combating and losing, combating and settling and forcing early adopters to hotfoot to NHSTA.

Litigation eats innovation money faster than an selling budgets.

You are on a path to slack loss of life. Silent down.

— Eva Apostle (@EvaApostle1) Could moreover 22, 2022

In the waste, a contingent of users also introduced up Elon’s shady most unusual historical past with sexual harassment claims, alongside with the safety hazards in unusual Tesla autos:

No he’s looking out ahead to liability suits for the “self crashing” Teslas. He’s ancient NDAs for one year to protect householders from whistleblowing when points strategy up. Place or we won’t repair the automobile. These AI crashes are more extreme, will be more challenging to suppress.

— Deem 1st #Battle the 🦠-Vax, Hide, Ventilate💕💛💙 (@AlwaysThinkHow) Could moreover 20, 2022

In short, Musk obtained a entire bunch more than he bargained for and we feel pretty sorry for Tesla’s admin group of workers too, since [email protected] must nonetheless be overflowing with mutter that no hiring group of workers certainly wishes to survey.

Many fans, customers, and shareholders seem like disturbing about Elon’s gameplan — Tesla’s shares, certainly, tanked a stable 10 p.c last Friday, following the most unusual misconduct allegations.

(Featured Image Credits: AP, @Mjarchie1/Twitter)

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