“LG IMS” Bug was inflicting some LG phones on T-Mobile to inch offline

LG devices on T-Mobile would possibly dangle experienced a excessive hiccup towards the terminate of the weekend. A backend trade precipitated LG devices to note a persistent error that precipitated “LG IMS” to shatter without potential to join to cell providers and products. The following error message above continued to camouflage, even after being dismissed, with little time to originate other actions between error messages.

Sadly, LG IMS has stopped.

The correct news is that a determination has been issued. Someone with an LG tool on T-Mobile experiencing this disaster would possibly serene restart their devices to fix the disaster. Other folks who enact no longer restart their devices would possibly serene be taught the disaster resolved over the next day. This was confirmed by one amongst TMo Legend’s ‘trusted sources’.

LG Velvet in the Dual Screen accessoryLG Velvet in the Twin Conceal accessory

The residing off of the disaster was a trade T-Mobile made to its systems that affected the LG devices linked to the provider. The app that displayed the error, LG IMS, is a machine protocol extinct to address records and express connections over LTE. This ingredient of LG’s firmware was temporarily broken, inflicting these devices to alter into unable to originate calls or consume their tool with the message continuously in the style.


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