OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

OnePlus only in the near past launched the Buds Z2, that are a pair of genuinely wireless earbuds and successor to the 2020 OnePlus Buds Z. While they are mute quite cheap, the unusual mannequin comes with active noise-cancellation and improved drivers for greater performance.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

Priced at $100, the unusual Buds Z2 label exactly the same because the Nothing ear (1), which too are a pair of cheap wireless earbuds with ANC. Having reviewed them previously, we had our reservations about each merchandise but in the waste each appeared to effect moderately successfully for the worth. The quiz then is which one’s greater? Let’s to find out.


By methodology of aesthetics, the Nothing ear (1) accept as true with a incandescent advantage. The utilization of transparent plastics for the case and the earbuds is as striking this present day as it turned into six months ago. Few merchandise are as scrutinize-catching and uncommon in their appearance. The unusual dusky variant loses some of that notion-through allure with its darkened dusky plastics but is mute good to glimpse at.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

In distinction, the Buds Z2 looks quite generic. The final construct is rehashed from the first technology mannequin although there are some variations. The tablet-formed case is now narrower because the earbuds inside of are smaller. More particularly, the stems of the earbuds are smaller but the shape has similarities.

The Buds Z2 construct, nonetheless, accept as true with greater construct quality. They characteristic IP55 dust and water resistance whereas the Nothing ear (1) accept as true with finest IPX4 splash resistance. The case additionally feels greater effect collectively; whereas our white overview unit of the ear (1) had an organization lid, the dusky mannequin had a loose and shaky hinge. The ear (1) case additionally will get covered in scratches within days of spend and incessantly loses its luster whereas the Buds Z2 case finest looks to procedure fingerprints and smudges but would possibly possibly per chance also additionally be cleaned off without problems.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

My normal complaint with the Buds Z case mute holds dazzling for the Buds Z2. The methodology the earbuds are arranged inside of the case with their stems pointing inwards makes them awkward to steal and field support. Your hand naturally wants to field them with the stems facing outwards after you pull them out of your ears but then you for lag must twist your hand to flip the stem inwards prior to placing them support in the case.

Total, although, this one goes to the Buds Z2. The Nothing ear (1) glimpse lots nicer but the Buds Z2 are greater constructed.


While consolation is a subjective factor, I had no considerations with both pair of earbuds as each are comparatively diminutive and lightweight. After a whereas, you tend to omit you are even carrying the rest.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

While the Buds Z2 are the lighter of the two, they seem to basically weigh the same. Nonetheless, the longer stalks of the Z2 are extra noticeable than these of the ear (1), which barely contact the facet of your face. Regardless, neither pair must pose any indispensable consolation considerations to most customers.

Application and capabilities

The OnePlus Buds Z2 and the Nothing ear (1) each characteristic a companion app for customizing their characteristic region.

The Nothing app is quite classic and identical on iOS and Android. You would adjust the ANC modes (ANC on, ANC off, Transparency), and alter the energy of the ANC (Light, Most). There are additionally four EQ presets readily available (Balanced, More Treble, More Bass, Command) but no custom EQ. You would additionally substitute what occurs whenever you occur to triple-tap the earbuds (Next Song, Previous Song, No action) and in the event you press and clutch (Noise cancellation, No action). A double-tap forever pauses the track.

Nothing ear (1) app
Nothing ear (1) app
Nothing ear (1) app
Nothing ear (1) app
Nothing ear (1) app

Nothing ear (1) app

Other stuff you would possibly additionally construct in the app: disable the in-ear detection, alter the latency mode (Favorite, Low latency), spend Acquire My Earbud, and update the firmware. The Acquire My Earbud characteristic mute plays the sound at most volume as a replace of a crescendo to withhold away from hearing damage if the earbuds are mute to your ears but now not less than now it warns you prior to taking half in the sound.

The Buds Z2 accept as true with successfully two apps. On OnePlus telephones, you count on a constructed-in characteristic that integrates the options within the Bluetooth settings through a system-stage app. It takes one too many steps, especially on older OnePlus telephones, but once in you are greeted with a UI that looks fragment of the OxygenOS moderately than being a separate app.

Right here you would possibly additionally alter the ANC modes, earbud gestures with a few extra options as compared with the ear (1), including a gesture the put you press and clutch to swap between basically the most modern and beforehand paired machine, in-ear detection settings, and an AirPods Pro trend earbud match test. In inequity to the costlier OnePlus Buds Pro, you don’t catch extra capabilities esteem Zen Mode Air (plays soothing sounds) and OnePlus Audio ID (customizes the sound to your hearing) with the Buds Z2.

OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT
OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT
OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT
OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT
OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT
OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT
OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT

OnePlus audio settings on the 9RT

Nonetheless, in the event you are on a non-OnePlus Android cell phone or an iPhone, then you for lag wish to count on the HeyMelody app. This app is designed to enhance all Oppo and OnePlus earbuds and has in truth the same capabilities and controls but with a special UI.

When put next with the barebones audio customization capabilities in the Nothing app, the Buds Z2 provide no audio customization in any appreciate. You are anticipated to construct any adjustments through your cell phone’s system-stage EQ as a replace, assuming you would possibly possibly even accept as true with any.

This brings me to the Dolby Atmos enhance claimed by OnePlus for the Buds Z2 and a few different OnePlus audio merchandise. This claim is entirely bogus, or at the least extremely deceptive and depends on learning the just appropriate-trying print. No topic what the promoting would possibly possibly per chance also lead you to reflect, now not one amongst the OnePlus wireless merchandise enhance Dolby Atmos. The Atmos enhance comes from the OnePlus smartphone they are paired to, and that too clutch out OnePlus smartphone devices.

This suggests you would possibly additionally skills Dolby Atmos in the event you pair these earbuds with one amongst the OnePlus telephones that supports this characteristic. But you would possibly possibly presumably additionally reliable spend any wired or wireless headphones with these telephones and skills Dolby Atmos. I turned into able to make spend of Atmos on a OnePlus 9RT in spite of whether or now not I turned into the utilization of the OnePlus Buds Z2 or the Nothing ear (1).

The level is that the Dolby Atmos characteristic is now not inherent to the OnePlus Buds Z2 but moderately to the provision machine and likewise you desire a offer with the characteristic for it to work, whether or now not with these earbuds or any other.


Audio quality

The Buds Z2 characteristic 11mm drivers whereas the ear (1) accept as true with moderately greater 11.6mm graphene drivers. Both enhance finest SBC and AAC codecs and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

The Buds Z2 and ear (1) are each moderate-sounding earbuds. While neither is primarily injurious, they’ve very solid tonal characteristics, which makes deciding on one over the opposite refined.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

The ear (1) are very immediate-witted and sibilant-sounding earbuds. Many of the tonality is dominated by the excessive vitality in the upper registers, which makes the sound seem excessively shrill or harsh now and then. The mid-vary takes moderately of a support seat, especially in the upper ranges, and sounds moderately hole. It additionally has a nasal and robotic quality to it, which would now not construct voices sound in particular gratifying. The bass response is reliable with an overall super offer and a slight bump at the low-stop for some extra rumble.

The Buds Z2, on the opposite hand, are totally dominated by an excessive amount of mid-bass. It tends to drown out plenty of the opposite sounds, in particular in the mid-vary. The excessive-stop is fairly successfully-balanced but does accept as true with some sibilance at obvious frequencies.

When put next with the costlier Buds Pro, the Buds Z2 accept as true with a fairly less pronounced mid-vary response and a extra robotic tonality. It looks the audio processing is now not genuinely as refined or makes spend of more cost-effective factors, although the drivers are identical. Both accept as true with the same bloated mid-bass response.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

With such different audio signatures, it be laborious to pronounce which one to head for. Neither comes even near reaching neutrality or any form of balance in the sound, as a replace preferring to steal one stop of the audio spectrum or the opposite. Nonetheless, whereas the bass of the Buds Z2 is a bloated mess, they construct sound moderately extra natural in the mids, especially whereas listening to primarily vocal train material esteem podcasts. The ear (1), on the opposite hand, had an tense metallic twang to the vocals that made them wrong for vocal train material.

Technically, neither is primarily impressive. By methodology of resolution and detail, they are each quite mediocre. The ear (1) tend to sound moderately extra detailed but that’s largely as a result of the exaggerated treble response. The Buds Z2 tend to sound mellower and fairly mushier as compared. Both accept as true with moderate imaging and soundstaging.

While each can catch comparatively loud, the Buds Z2 can catch louder. This is most steadily now not a difficulty as each accept as true with worthy volume for classic track playback, when listening to train material with a low volume, the Buds Z2 can flex their greater height volume over the ear (1). It be you would possibly additionally have confidence the adaptation would possibly possibly per chance presumably be as a result of the Indian model of the Buds Z2 I’m the utilization of right here having a greater 102dB volume limit vs the 98dB on the worldwide mannequin. The worldwide mannequin would possibly possibly per chance also catch equally loud because the ear (1) in other areas.


The Buds Z2 accept as true with greater microphone performance than the ear (1). Both sound k in a peaceable room, with the Buds Z2 sounding marginally greater because the sound from the ear (1) tends to waver moderately.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

In a noisy environment, each construct an cheap job of reducing the ambient noise. Nonetheless, whereas the direct from the Buds Z2 stays audible and lag, the direct from the ear (1) tends to catch obliterated along with the noise and it be laborious to like what is being said.

Noise cancellation

Both the Buds Z2 and the ear (1) characteristic active noise cancellation with a transparency mode. Both permit you to adjust the stage of noise cancellation or flip it off entirely.

The ANC on each earbuds is mediocre. Both construct an k job getting rid of the rumble and thrum of ambient noise but construct very puny about the noise in the mid and upper ranges. The Buds Z2 construct moderately greater right here whereas with the ear (1) it be in most cases laborious to recount if the ANC is even working. At the same time as you occur to care about ANC, neither pair of earbuds is a reliable different.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

Both accept as true with moderately reliable transparency mode. The one on the Buds Z2 sounds moderately extra natural but the ear (1) are additionally serviceable on this regard.

The Buds Z2 permit you to take grasp of two or extra of its ANC modes to snappy toggle between with the contact gesture in the course of the app. You would, as an illustration, clutch out ANC Max and Transparency as your two options and toggle between them with the gesture. The ear (1) don’t accept as true with this option and so that you just would possibly possibly cycle between all three ANC options — ANC On, transparency, ANC off — at any time when.


The Buds Z2 accept as true with greater latency performance of the two. While watching videos, the Buds Z2 feel nearly as reliable as wired earbuds with no perceivable prolong. While taking half in games, the prolong is fairly extra noticeable but mute real looking. There is additionally a low latency mode but it with no doubt can finest be enabled with clutch out OnePlus telephones when the cell phone is in Pro Gaming mode.

The ear (1) latency performance turned into evil after we reviewed them at launch. It has improved moderately since then but is mute now not reliable enough. While watching videos, the audio prolong is terribly low but it with no doubt can plug along with the plug along with the circulation apart in the event you scrub in the course of the video. Gaming performance is ruthlessly injurious and even the low latency option that turned into added put up-launch would now not construct grand to enhance the pickle.

Connectivity and reliability

By methodology of classic connectivity and reliability, the Buds Z2 performed successfully. I didn’t accept as true with any considerations with dropped connections and even an occasional blip and the earbuds performed reliably all over.

The ear (1), on the opposite hand, are the rest but official. At launch, the product turned into basically a mess with a range of tool and hardware considerations. Since then, the severity of the considerations has long past down but you continue to face them incessantly.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

The considerations vary from finest one earbud working now and then, the ANC mode kicking in in finest one ear, the ANC mode drifting inside of and outside, or randomly switching to the gentle surroundings without with no doubt being switched in the app, occasional pauses or blips in the sound, and so forth.

There are additionally hardware considerations with the product. The earbuds will in most cases now not take a seat precisely in the charging case and stay paired with the cell phone even after you would possibly possibly even accept as true with got closed the lid. On a few occasions, I’ve come support to the cell phone hours later finest to notion the earbuds mute connected from the final time I ragged them. It be essential to video display your cell phone to notion if the earbuds accept as true with disconnected at any time when, something you effect now not must construct with other earbuds.

Appropriate to make certain, these are likely to be now not considerations skilled on a single pair of Nothing ear (1) but moderately four different pairs. In fact, it be three different pairs because the fourth one turned into ineffective on arrival and by no methodology with no doubt labored.

Battery Existence

The Buds Z2 accept as true with the greater battery existence of the two. OnePlus claims 5 hours of battery existence and I managed to catch 4.5 hours of continuous playback.

The Nothing additionally claims 5 hours of battery existence for the ear (1), which is oddly greater than the normal claim of 4 hours. I managed to catch 3.5 hours of continuous playback, which is extra in step with the normal claim and a long way from the unusual one.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

In each cases, the ANC turned into on and so they were examined the utilization of AAC with matched volumes.


On paper, the Nothing ear (1) seem esteem the extra curious and thrilling product of the two. The transparent construct would possibly possibly per chance now not ever now not be striking and inspires an emotional response you infrequently ever catch from merchandise on this label category.

OnePlus Buds Z2 vs Nothing ear (1)

Sadly, it reliable goes downhill from there for the ear (1). The sound is overly harsh and treble-heavy, the ANC is extinct, the microphone performs poorly in noisy environments, and the audio latency is too excessive for gaming.

But what lets the ear (1) down basically the most is the reliability considerations. There are each tool and hardware considerations with the product mute months after launch and at this level, it looks we are greater off anticipating the 2nd technology mannequin moderately than anticipating issues to catch any greater with this one.

The OnePlus Buds Z2, on the opposite hand, mostly work as you would possibly possibly anticipate. On high of that, they’ve greater ANC performance, greater microphone quality, grand lower latency, and additionally greater battery existence. The sound is methodology too bass-heavy but the frequent buyer would possibly possibly per chance presumably be into that extra than the ear (1)’s treble-heavy sound, so for some this would possibly occasionally per chance presumably also with no doubt be an upside.

Total, the OnePlus Buds Z2 is the greater product of the two.

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