Will city of lakes wash away Congress’ woes?

However the legitimate account, the Congress Chintan Shivirs, adore the Kumbh Melas, dangle never been so essential about finding solutions to existential agonies. They were more about environment the atmospherics for Congress employees, and forward of the rival galleries, to illustrate the ‘seriousness’ of the event leadership’s quest for one more resurrection of the event. The three-day Udaipur outing of the chosen 400-irregular Congress leaders from Friday will conduct the tested orchestra to this cease.

The timing the leadership selected for the session – amid the Congress organisational election direction of – is animated. The next Congress president is due to the be elected by August-September and he/she would steal price at an AICC plenary alongside recent CWC-AICC teams. Below customary situations, the recent physique of workers can dangle hosted the ‘mind-storming session’.

Myth of the Timing

The leadership timed the Shivir without looking ahead to the completion of the organisational ballotfor three reasons: One, a tactical self-defence to illustrate, after one more rout (0-5) in the suppose polls in March, to the demoralised despicable and file, the questioning alternate seekers and the salivating regional parties that the leadership is “serious” and attempting to search out ways to whole the heart-broken spell.

Two, by getting the Shivir, packed with 400-irregular loyalists to unanimously endorse an action thought for the prolonged stride, the leadership appears to be hoping to smoothen, without any demonstrate of dissent, the final course in opposition to the upcoming ‘election’ of Congress president and structure of the recent CWC and conduct of the plenary session.

Third, by environment the Udaipur action thought (Nav Sankalp), the leadership tries to residing the agenda for the 2024 battle, by burying the in-house unhappy demands for an introspection on the Congress’ defeats in the polls.

Potentially the most convenient a bunch of argument would maybe perchance be that the delegates on the session – comprising the Gandhis-Vadra, CWC participants, AICC-PCC residing of job-bearers, MPs, MLAs, ex-Union ministers, frontal organisation leaders and Rahul’s childhood brigade participants (below whose collective vision the Congress debacles were updated since 2014) – would in a single day radically change into ladies and men of grander vision and suggestions true by the meet. The AICC institution is promising that magic on the Shivir.

Forbidden Areas

The spectre of inflations, livelihood components, social strife – all provides an opposition event an opening to employ on any regime. Yet, the truth is the Congress disaster of this magnitude can’t be addressed and a credible action-thought can’t be discovered without addressing the core subject, the disaster of the Congress leadership, to fight and produce victories in opposition to the Modi-led BJP, demonstrate organisational prowess and abilities to inspire the despicable and file and a bunch of opposition parties to explore for a partnership.

Any true discussion on the leadership disaster would require serious “chintan” on the suppose of the ‘charisma’ of the Gandhis-Vadra leadership, as frequently ‘demonstrated’ for the reason that 2014 ballotbattles. To put an enlighten to the handpicked delegates – all of the beneficiaries and stakeholders of the patronage machine of the Congress leadership – to achieve that would maybe perchance be adore asking them to commit sacrilege and surrender their places on the perch. They’re better expert to moderately be the cheering crowds for the leadership (if truth be told, on the understood condition of return items of organisational posts and event tickets) and even chant that expert anthem of “there would possibly be now not any change to Gandhis-Vadra leadership”. Wonderful in case they hesitate, one more threat of resignation (no longer renunciation) will kickstart them.

The near the Congress has been without an elected leader for near to three years now – since Rahul opted out as de jure leader to behave as de facto – shows the extent that would maybe perchance be traversed to guard the ‘machine’ of The Management’s sense of entitlement to preserve residing quo even on the associated price of the event.

Once the essential components are conveniently skirted, the comfort is easy. It involves twisting of phrases to traipse a mammoth account of ‘organisational/electoral strategy reforms’, steps to curb ‘dynastic trends’ , imprinting the GoP ‘into the minds’ of aspirational young India and ‘connecting deeper’ with the socially backwards. But all this while safely guaranteeing discretionary powers to the leadership to way exemptions and prolong patronage even if it capability watering down the recent “sankalp” resolves – as has been accomplished at just a few the previous three Chintan Shivirs resolutions.

Fact Evaluate

The Udaipur Chintan Shivir is taking residing in a bunch of settings. If the previous three Shivirs –– at Panchmari in 1998, in Shima in 2003 and Jaipur in 2013 –– were intended to focus on ascertain the BJP and way a Congress jump aid, the Udaipur task is going on on a three-dimensional disaster inside –– the unheard of electoral and organisational meltdown of the GoP since 2014, the Gandhi leadership facing exodus from event leaders and emergence of Congress alternate-seekers.

It’s amid this disaster that the Congress has to brace for the elevated duties of combating off the recent politics that the BJP has unleashed on it even as unheard of regional parties are strong the Gandhis-led Congress’ simply to be the pivot of anti-BJP national politics. ‘Managing’ the Udaipur Chintan Shivir would maybe perchance be a straightforward task for Congress leaders, but they’re going to be tested on facing thickening battle clouds previous it.

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