WWE: India’s enormous establish Veer Mahaan to face Rey Mysterio after his sensational comeback

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Indian wrestler Veer Mahaan is determined to face Rey Mysterio after his comeback to Monday Evening Raw.

Indian enormous establish Veer Mahaan in a roundabout blueprint made his comback within the WWE after an awfully long time. Following his return final week, the WWE has now announced his match against frail worn Rey Mysterio on Monday Evening Raw.

The Indian wrestler was dropped from Shanky and Jinder Mahal within the draft, along with that, Veer Mahaan’s establish was also modified. After a series of promos proven continuously about Veer’s return, he in a roundabout blueprint came serve to the first episode of RAW post WrestleMania 38. Additionally, Veer was now not seen on the foremost roster since the draft.

To invent an announcement, Veer on his comeback made the Mysterio household undergo. The Indian enormous establish attacked Dominic and Rey Mysterio on Raw. Dominic was in a contest with The Miz sooner than Veer’s entrance, nonetheless factual after the match, the song hit and Veer came out of running within the ring.

.@reymysterio goes one-on-one with @VeerMahaan the following day night on #WWERaw!

8/7c @USA_Network

— WWE (@WWE) April 11, 2022

After entering the ring, Veer straight away attacked Dominic and factual after that, he attacked Rey. He made Dominic tap out in be troubled with his Camel Snatch submission and later posed over him to send the message that he is serve.

He’ll now face Rey Mysterio in his first match after the comeback, nonetheless this would possibly be a demanding process for him as the 47-yead-frail worn is in factual create. Additionally, he will ought to serve away from Dominic while the match as he would possibly additionally intervene all the blueprint thru the fight. Alternatively, if Veer manages to get the greater of Rey, he will get a factual momentum enhance for the upcoming fits.

Veer Mahaan’s performance within the WWE predominant roster

Whereas you happen to quiz me why I work so now not easy.

This is why.

This. All about my followers. Somebody says any assorted, they’re lying.

— Veer Mahaan (@VeerMahaan) April 5, 2022

Veer Mahaan’s performance within the WWE’s predominant roster has been pleasing to this point. Alternatively, he did lose his final match in September 2021. Impressively, final year he teamed up with Jinder Mahal and Shanky to beat the team of Jeff Hardy, Mansoor and Mustafa Ali in a six man designate team match. Additionally, Veer’s appearance has been extra within the multi-man scamper in his profession. 

The Indian enormous establish’s tear as a solo star has exact begun as he fought most effective one solo match sooner than the upcoming clash against Mysterio. Followers from all across the globe and India like excessive expectations from the star. WWE is also searching to push him and this would possibly be sharp to like a study whether Veer lives as a lot as these expectations or now not. 

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